DADA 2018/2019

“Architecture is more than just building”

Approximately 100 years ago Dadaism was the Avant-garde art movement of the time. 

An informal international movement, with participants in Europe and North America; the beginnings of Dada correspond to the outbreak of World War I and for many participants, the movement was a protest against cultural and intellectual conformity—in art and more broadly in society—that corresponded to the war. 

The Canadian University Dubai is pleased to announce that it will be organizing the first international Dubai Art, Design & Architecture Conference (DADA 2018/2019) in partnership with the International Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS) in Dubai.

In the present day and in an increasingly multilateral world no longer governed by a single aesthetic dogma a dialog on all cultural aspects is of paramount importance and as the world continues to expand beyond the traditional confines of connectivity with innovation and disruption at the forefront of every conversation, it is time to consider the why this and the why not this in an entirely new light. 

While the Middle East for centuries has been the bedrock for lasting architectural wonders, Dubai for over five decades through the extensive trade of goods and ideas, has incorporated different cultures as it is ideally situated at the intersection of Orient and Occident however marking its shift towards becoming more influential, the last 3 decades have witnessed Dubai making bold strides in cutting edge building construction, visual and performing arts, and the emancipation of design from the traditionally; all serving to underline and catapult Dubai’s lofty aspirations. 

Dubai is constantly thirsting for new ideas and is in an excellent position to assume a position of leadership in key areas of culture making it the perfect venue for discussing future leads in culture, design, perception, form and the changing paradigms of architecture. 

The DADA 2018/2019 conference in Dubai is set to bring together leading scholars, academics, and industry speakers from all over the world to discuss the theoretical backgrounds and undercurrents of contemporary art, design and architecture shining the spotlight on the “why, why this, and why not” or the raison d’etre for the upcoming developments in the aforementioned areas.  This is more than just about the latest trends.

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