Conference Tracks

Conference Theme

Hosted by the Canadian University Dubai and in partnership with the International Institute of Advanced Studies from the University of Windsor in Tecumseh, Canada, DADA 2018 is set to discuss the theoretical backgrounds and undercurrents of contemporary art, design and architecture shining the spotlight on the “why, why this, and why not” or the raison d’etre for the upcoming developments in the aforementioned areas. This is more than just about the latest trends.

We are currently seeking contributions from a wide range of practices and disciplines in art, design and architecture and we welcome contributions to the aforementioned including the visual and verbal.

Should you wish to submit a contribution/paper please navigate here for information on the guidelines for making a submission.

Track 1 - Art

Art - General

  • Art Styles
  • Modern Art
  • Content, Forms and Styles of (Emergent) Art

Psychology of Art

  • Perceptions, Apperceptions and Interpretations of Art (Objects and Color)

Representation & Communication Representation & Display of Art

  • The Art and the Artistic Expression, Impression and Experiencing

Sociological Factors of Art

  • Art as a Communication Medium
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Assessment of Social Effects / Impact of Art

Track 2 - Design

State of Design in the 21st Century

  • Utility vs. Formality in Design
  • Is man in control of the Computer or the Computer in control of man?

Interior Design

  • Recent Trends in Interior Design
  • Emancipation of (Interior) Design from Architecture (good/bad/possible?)

Communication & Media Design

  • TBA
  • Industrial Design
  • TBA

Sustainability vs. Design

  • The better is the enemy of good

Track 3 - Architecture

Architectural Education

  • Architecture Pedagogy

Architecture & Technology

  • Use of Virtual Tools in Architecture
  • Application of AI & Superintelligence in Architecture
  • The (tragic) State of BIM in Architecture Schools
  • Art & Craft of the Machine (changes since F.L. Wright and Adolf Loos?)

Architecture & Society

  • Socio-diagnostics and Socio-prognostics in Architecture
  • Biomimetic Architecture
  • Sustainability, just a word !?

Architecture Theory

  • Paradigmatic Changes in Architecture

Track 4 - Artificial Intelligence and Building Design

  • Smart Buildings despite or because of including computers
  • Extended Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Design
  • Increased(?) Interaction between Buildings and the Internet (of Things)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Super-Intelligence and/vs. Design
  • Building Information Modeling

Track 5 - Fringes / Intersections

  • The Economics of Architecture / the Architecture of Economics
  • Architecture and Design of Systems
  • Architecture of Social Systems
  • Designing outside of the Box

Please note that the above topics may be updated or changed. We will endeavour to share any new information as soon as possible.