Prof. George E. Lasker


The International Institute for Advanced Studies

In Systems Research and Cybernetics
P. O. Box 3010
Tecumseh, ON N8N 2M3

Prof. George E Lasker has been serving as the President of the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics (IIAS) since 1980. Under his initiative and leadership the Institute organized and sponsored hundreds of international congresses, conferences and symposia. It published over 400 books and three major scientific Journals, and initiated a large number of cooperative projects either some of them in cooperation with other institutions such as AIC, UNESCO, IEEE, and others.

Prof. Lasker has been invited to lecture at many prominent Universities and institutions in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, China, and elsewhere. In 1966, Dr. Lasker has also been invited to join the University of Windsor in Canada and was appointed a tenured full Professor of Computer Science there. He was also invited to serve for three years as IEEE Distinguished Visitor in the IEEE Distinguished Visitor Program in the USA and in Canada.

Dr. Lasker also served as Canadian NATO Coordinator for ICASR, where he initiated and directed the NATO Research Project on Interactive Mobile Systems, and acted as a reviewer and assessor of various NATO Research Projects. In addition, Prof. Lasker acted as regular reviewer and referee for a number of international journals, such as IEEE Transactions, J. of Information Science, International Journal of General Systems, and many others periodicals.

In the early nineties, Prof. Lasker was invited by UNESCO to organize and coordinate each year the International Symposium on Culture of Peace and to collaborate with UNESCO on the development of Culture of Peace Educational Program. After ten years of close collaboration with UNESCO Prof. Lasker has initiated and founded, in collaboration with other colleagues from the Institute, the International Baden-Baden Foundation for Culture of Peace and the Dialogue of Civilizations. Subsequently, he became its Vice-President.

Prof. Lasker is Member of the Editorial Boards of several international scientific Journals and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the ACTA SYSTEMICA, and the IIAS-Transactions on Systems Research and Cybernetics. Prof. Lasker is also the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of over 400 scientific books, and the author or co-author of several hundred scientific papers. In recognition of his distinguished scholarly work and his devoted service to the international scientific community he received numerous prestigious Awards, Honors and Distinctions.